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Founded in 2013, Pagans Learning Online is a Michigan based seminary school for Pagans, Neo-Pagans and those wishing to study the various Pagan religions, beliefs, practices, and histories. Pagans Learning Online (PLO) utilizes the increase in social and in home media to deliver unique and enlightening courses and mentor style educational opportunities to students internationally. With a knowledgeable staff in areas such as historical Paganism, Neo-Paganism, Pagan philosophy and practice PLO instructs students 16 and up in a variety of educational Pagan courses, ranging from topic specific courses such as divination, or herbalism to more broader topics such as basic Paganism to create a cutting edge educational opportunity at an affordable cost.


For those employed through PLO there are several keys to student success that we try to incorporate in all of our courses. Those keys for success include:


         . A well trained educational support staff

         . Streamlined, informative, and well organized courses

         . Assignments and exercises that engage the student in the lectures, materials, and practices

         . No fluff lectures that present the information in clear to understand ways

         . Key topic notes to better emphasize the lecture information


Pagans Learning Online will accept all students who have the ability to pay tuition into our basics courses. No student is turned away from our basics courses as long as the student has a willingness to learn and grow. Success in our basics courses is easy and students can then progress to more advanced courses offered within the school. Learning at PLO is great for students who for one reason or another are unable to attend church or seminary Pagan courses within their local community. All students need to have for success through PLO is:


         . A willingness and drive to learn

         . Basic organizational skills

         . The self discipline to stay on task and meet deadlines

         . Creativity and an ability to think outside the box

         . An open mind receptive to new ideas and concepts


Courses through Pagans Learning Online are offered in a variety of different ways. Regular courses that include lectures, exercises, and / or assignments are offered in three different formats:


         . Sample Courses: Our sample courses are free courses that are available to any interested student at any skill level at any time. These free sample courses give students instant access to three lectures and one assignment that pertain to the information being taught in that course. Students new to Pagans Learning Online are encouraged to view the corresponding sample course prior to signing up for standard or premium courses as money paid to attend a course is non refundable.


          . Standard Courses: Our standard courses are organized in unit groupings. Standard courses are available to any student at any skill level and are made available to a student within 72 hours after receiving enrollment and payment. Standard courses are designed for students who need little to no one on one instruction and contain the same information made available to students paying for premium courses. Student advisors are available to answer questions pertaining to lectures and lecture exercises but it is the job and responsibility of the student to complete the units on their own time and at their own pace. Students paying for standard courses will only have access to the course for 1 month per unit, for example a course that has six units will be available to a paying student for six months. Students will receive an e-mail 2 weeks prior to their course time expiring, students are encouraged to print the files available to them during the available time frame.


         . Premium Courses: Our premium courses are available to students meeting basic requirements. Students interested in enrolling in 101 courses are able to do so without any previous courses being taken or requirements being met. These are scheduled courses with set start and end dates throughout the year. Enrollment in premium courses will only be available 60 - 90 days prior to the start date of the specific course. Premium courses offer students one on one instruction in a group setting, assistance and feedback on assignments, and a structured learning environment. These courses work best for students who need additional help and structure to be successful in their studies. Students opting to participate in premium courses will be given a syllabus with weekly instruction, video demonstrations when necessary, interactive assignments and tasks, and have regular access to instructors and student instructors when help is needed. Please read all requirements and rules prior to signing up for a premium course.


Pagans Learning Online also offers courses in year and a day studies which encompass an entire year and a day curriculum and seminars which are topic specific mini courses or weekly live lectures.



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