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       Advanced Paganism

Our Advanced Paganism Course is a 10 week long course that will take an in depth look into the various advanced practices in paganism. A student of Advanced paganism will learn how to write various forms of spells, how to piece together rituals to suit their needs, how to utilize sigils, how to use tarot cards for magic as well as for readings, how to utilize high magic as a piece of your regular magic abilities and much much more!


Cost of this course: $35.00


We do require that students purchase the following:


.Rider Waite Tarot deck of choice.

.Pagan Spirituality: A Guide to Personal Transformation, by River Higginbotham

.Advanced Witchcraft: Go Deeper, Reach Further, Fly Higher, by Edain McCoy

.Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in High Magical Arts, by Donald Michael Kraig


Please note that like all of our courses at Pagans Learning Online these are online courses only. There are no live lectures but there is homework to complete each week and students of Advanced Paganism will be expected to keep a magical journal of their attempts at high magic during the course of the class. Instructors are available on a regular basis to help with course related information, understanding concepts, and practice.

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This course is currently not enrolling, please check back for a later enrollment date.