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Introduction to Divination

 What you should know about our Divination Seminar -


.Cost of seminar is 25.00 USD

.There is no homework or requirements for this seminar.

.There will be live lectures hosted via a Facebook chat room on Sundays and Tuesdays at 7:00pm EST. If you are not able to attend the seminars live lecture then notes and lecture copies will be sent to you.

.Handouts for the lecture as well as notes, information, tips, facts, etc.. will be e-mailed to you at the end of each lecture night.


We will cover the following -

.Basics of divination

.How to read tarot cards

.How to read runes

.What divination can and cannot do

.How divination can be used during magical workings

.Alternative forms of divination


To enroll please fill out the following information and click submit. All fees must be paid at time of registration.

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Please note: All fees must be paid at time of registration, there are no refunds on fees paid after they clear, if you drop from the seminar it is at your own descision. If you fail to provide a facebook address to access the class chats they will be e-mailed to you by default. If you don't attend a lecture, the lecture will be e-mailed to you by default. You can request to recieve your lectures by email at any time.