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Divination - 101 and 102

Our divination 101 course is an 8 week course dedicated to the practice and learning of various divination techniques. A student in the divination 101 course will learn various historic events that impacted divination, the laws regarding divination and how they have changed over times, and the origin and original practice of basic forms of divination. There are no pre-requirements for this course. Students will be  looking at a homework load of 2 - 3 assignments per week, practice sessions will be available for those wanting divination practice.


Cost of this course: $35.00


We do require that students purchase the following:


.Rider Waite Tarot deck of choice.

.Tarot: Theory and Practice by Ly De Angeles

.The Complete book of Psychic Arts by Morwyn

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Our Divination 101 course is not currently enrolling, check back later for enrollment dates!

Our Divination 102 course is not currently enrolling, please check back for future enrollment opportunities!