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At PLO we believe that ending the cycle of misinformation and creating a scholarly environment for pagan learning is key to the survival of modern paganism.  We emphasize our motto that with strength, pride, and wisdom in our craft, we can achieve greatness. PLO creates strong pagan community leaders and aims to usher in a new future for pagans worldwide. All donations are non refundable and at this time are not tax exempt, donations of any amount help to keep Pagans Learning Online going strong and helping more students each year.


Why Donate?  PLO offers all of our services for low affordable costs.

Currently the school is supported by a small home business venture and dedicated staff.  As the school expands the need to raise tuition fees to offset the costs is something PLO would like to avoid if possible. At PLO donations may help in the following ways:


                                          Keeping tuition fees at a low affordable cost all students

                                          Offering scholarships to students in need

                                          Paying for fees and licenses

                                          Hiring outside services such as guest lecturers and office personnel

                                          Upgrading equipment and services to provide a better learning opportunity



The biggest reason to donate to PLO is because you believe in the same values and have the same dreams we do. Let’s join together and ensure a better future for all pagans! If you need help accessing and making a donation please contact Luna Marr via e-mail at

. Donate to Pagans Learning Online