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Pagan Basics 101 - Premium Course

Our premium Pagan basics course is open to all students who are wanting to participate. This course has specified start and end dates and each course session is only open to the first 50 students who apply. Additional course sessions may be opened based on student interest. Access to the course will be granted 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date and registered students will receive notification that the drive is up and running. A registered GMail E-mail is required for login.


The premium course is perfect for students who are wanting the mentor experience. Students will have assigned lectures and course work on a weekly basis for a period of 10 weeks. During this time students will receive the following benefits.


    * Access to Instructors and Student instructors for help

    * Access to social media groups to interact with other students

    * Weekly feedback on completed assignments

    * Access to guidance and one on one assistance

    * Certification after course completion

    * Discounts on other PLO services as offered


Students participating in our premium course will be expected to follow the scheduled deadlines outlined for the course. All homework is required and failure to comply with the policies and procedures may result in removal from the course. A GPA of 2.0 is required to pass the course with certification. Tuition is non refundable and students are encouraged to view the sample course prior to enrollment.


Cost of the course: $40.00


The next course start date is Sunday April 8th 2018.


To enroll in Pagan basics 101 premium course please fill out the application below. No students are denied access to this course as long as the following criteria are met:


    . All application areas are filled out

    . Tuition is received in full upon enrollment

    . Active registered gmail e-mail is included in application, this is a requirement for login

    . Application is signed agreeing to all policies and procedures as well as terms and conditions


Students will receive an e-mail from no later than 72 hours after application and payment are received. This e-mail will indicate your acceptance into the course and will include your access period dates, receipt of payment, copy of policies and procedures, and list of essential e-mail and website addresses. Once accepted students can log into the course by visiting us at selecting the current student login link and then selecting Pagan Basics 101 from the list of premium courses. Within 72 - 48 hours of the start date indicated above students will receive a welcome packet e-mail for the course. Students will not have access to the student drive prior to receiving this email. Please be aware of the course start date and be sure to add to the list of allowed e-mails to be sure you receive all communications.

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