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Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance in the Pagan Basics 101 summer course. You can use the links below to Check Lectures, Check Assignments, Check Grades, View important information and e-mail your instructor While being a member of this class please keep the following in mind.


.You have agreed not to share the login to this account with any other person.

.All homework must be e-mailed to your instructor no later then the Sunday Due Date at 10:00pm EST. 

.All extension requests must be made to no later than the Friday prior to the due date at 10:00pm EST.

.All homework assignments are listed with a letter, this letter is the corresponding row when checking your grades.

.All homework and assignments will be posted by 10:00pm the evening prior to the date they are scheduled.

.Comment reports will be posted by the end of each week.

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