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       Pagan Educators

Our Pagan Educators course is perfect for students of Pagans Learning Online who wish to expand their horizons and share knowledge of paganism with others. Whether looking into Pagan instruction as a means of starting your own group or church, or looking to supplement your income through Pagan instruction this course will help give you the tools that you need to share your knowledge with others. The focus of this course will be on creating your own lesson plans and learning how to share your thoughts and ideas with others. Students participating in this course with the intention of instructing through Pagans Learning Online will need to put in 6 months as a student instructor in order to qualify. This course is not for beginner Pagans and will not cover basics of paganism or of any religious specific following. This course is only for instruction on how to educate others when it comes to a religious teaching program.


Cost of this course: $50.00


The following text books are required for participation in this course:


. When, Why, If - By Robin Wood

. A Teaching Handbook for Wiccans and Pagans - By Thea Sabin



Students taking this course for the purpose of teaching through Pagans Learning Online are suggested to get the following books as well:


. Crafting Magic With Pen and Ink - By Susan Pesznecker

. Compass Points: A Pagan Writers Guide - By Suzanne Ruthven




Please note that like all of our courses at Pagans Learning Online these are online courses only. There are no live lectures but there is homework to complete each week.

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