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Our instructors and staff at PLO are dedicated to providing a safe, scholarly learning environment Our instructors are well educated on the subjects taught through PLO and active within the pagan community


Feel free to send e-mails with any questions directly to the instructor and we will respond promptly.



Luna Marr (ILuna)


Luna Marr has been practicing Paganism since 1993, with over 23 years of experience in the study of pagan religions she loves sharing her knowledge with others in the Pagan community. Luna strives to help serve the Pagan community in any way that she can through the school as well as her local community.


Lunas dream to open PLO came from the dire need and desire to see a better and brighter future for all Pagans. Having trained and served as an ordained priestess since 2012 Luna has had the opportunity to teach many people skills in the realm of Paganism and occult studies. Currently a follower of Druid High Magic, Luna still believes that the study of all magic’s is essential in being the best she can be.


“The world isn’t a mundane place, it’s a magical one and when we see and embrace the magic and the energies that are all around us it transforms us. The world needs more people who can embrace the energies and the chaos and turn it into something good.”


You can contact Luna by e-mail at


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Tory Di Gregorio (Kah E’Lia)


With over 25 years on her path, Tory still feels she is learning new things. She has much to offer students. Tory has been with the school since its initiation in 2012.  Tory’s chosen path is Eclectic/Celtic traditions with a strong interest in Shamanism. However she believes it is of utmost importance to gain knowledge on other pagan pathways.  


Tory is a Reiki practitioner, leader of her Bangor, avid gardener, partner, mother of two humans and two four legged kids, and grandmother of five!   She incorporates her beliefs and knowledge in all that she is involved in.  “I use magic every day and incorporate it into my ‘mundane’.”


“My path is one of a spiral, constantly evolving ever so gently.  It is through Pagans Learning Online courses, that I have found myself stepping out of a solitary lifestyle and giving back to the pagan community.


You can contact Tory by e-mail at:



Jamie McBee


Jamie serves PLO as a board of director’s member, alumni member, and as an instructor of Pagan Basics courses.


Jamie has been following a Pagan path for over 25 years with renewed vigor in the recent years. Jamie is an ordained part of Pagan clergy and a mother of 7. Jamie has a love of all nature but especially has a calling to the ocean and beaches.


Jamie is an eclectic Pagan with a strong interest in Buddhism, both Zen and traditional. She takes pride in her ability to help others on their personal spiritual journey and is honored to have the opportunity to teach and share knowledge with others. Jamie considers herself a lifelong learner and learns from her students as she teaches them.


You can contact Jamie at

Dana M. Di Gregorio (Valkyre)


Dana serves PLO as a board of director’s member, alumni member, and student.


Dana came to PLO in 2012 as a student in the inaugural class offered. “This class gave me the tools and information to successfully help me carve out my path”. Dana believes that it is the responsibility of those with the knowledge to educate others on Paganism “We have this great information.  Why keep it to ourselves.”  She is truly dedicated to bringing the true meaning of Paganism to the masses.


Dana is a Reiki practitioner, tarot reader, artist, crafter, reader and herbal enthusiast.  Although her path has lead her in many directions, she feels her foundation is based on Celtic Traditionalist & Shamanism.  

When not working with the PLO Board, Dana works full time with her local County Government, is the happy and proud parent of 2 four legged “fur”kids and is an advocate for several animal rescue groups in her community.