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Spell Casters Mini Course

What you should know about our Spell Casters Mini Course -


.Cost of course is 25.00 USD

.The course is 4 weeks long

.There will be homework each week, a maximum of 3 assignments.


The first in many mini courses offered through Pagans Learning Online, our spell casters mini course is a short topic specific course with the intention of instructing students in the many do's dont's and details of how to write their own spells, put together rituals, and cast spells in a safe and controlled environment. This course will not teach advanced theory but will ensure that each student gets the opportunity to learn and experience the basic art of spell casting from writing the spell to closing the circle nothing will be left out. students taking part in this course will be expected to write and perform their own spells, if you do not wish to perform practical magic then do not sign up for this course. This is a hands on course and students will be graded on their ability to technically write a spell as well as their thoughts and opinions of the spell writing process. Students will never be judged or graded on the outcome of the spellwork. This course is topic specific and students enrolling are expected to understand basic information about their chosen pathway or tradition.


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Please note: All fees must be paid at time of registration, there are no refunds on fees paid after they clear, if you drop from the course it is at your own descision.


Our spell casters course is currently enrolling with a December 3rd start date!