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Wiccan Basics - 101 and 102

Our Wiccan Basics Courses are built for the modern day Neo - Pagan. Students of Wicca 101 and 102 will work through basic and advanced techniques and information pertaining to a strong belief in Neo - Paganism and Wicca.


Wiccan Basics 101 - This is an 8 week long course specializing in what it means to be a practicing Wiccan in today's society. Students will learn how wiccans view spellwork, sabbat days, and the basic theories and values that Wiccans are known for holding near and dear to their hearts. During the run of this course we will cover several basic topics in depth including herbalism, sabbat celebration, ethics and morals, basic spellwork, and modern Wiccan organizations. This course is ideal for the student who is looking to discover the lighter side of Paganism. Cost of the course $35.00


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Our Wiccan Basics: 102 Course is currently not in enrollment.

This course is not currently enrolling ! Please check back for future enrollment opportunities.