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       Paganism: A Year and a Day

Our year and a day course is specifically designed for those who are looking for the traditional year and a day experience. Throughout your year and a day as a student in this course you will learn all of the basic topics and concepts of paganism such as history, spell writing, divination, potion making in easy to complete bi weekly and monthly blocks. Students will learn about the Sabbats as they occur, and will get to go through all of the phases of the wheel while taking part in a group that is practicing along with them. Our year and a day course will cover subjects at a slow and easy to absorb pace and homework assignments will be kept to a maximum of 2 per week with 1 exam at the end of each of the 12 months. There are no pre-requirements and no text books to purchase for this course.


Cost of this course: $80.00






Please note that like all of our courses at Pagans Learning Online these are online courses only. There are no live lectures but there is homework to complete each week.

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This course is not currently enrolling, please check back for future enrollment opportunities!